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Over the years we have developed a wide range of contacts and networks with access to various market segments. Although we are based in Malaysia we have worked in international markets for many years already. We have decided to expand our own digital media publishing business further by focussing on building membership sites with the contents provided by our JV partners.

When it comes to doing business on the Net, nothing beats real life experience. There are many tricks of the trade which are just not found in any academic textbooks or manuals. You just have to learn them the hard way.

The world is becoming smaller. Even from Malaysia we can easily extend our reach to other parts of the world through the Net. We believe we have reached a point in our development where we can use our expertise and experience to help other people reach their potential. We have chosen to help out writers who have the talents, skills and commitment to succeed.


"Why do a JV?"

We are actually looking for JV (Joint Venture) partners. We want people who can commit themselves to this venture. You can however do this part-time without disturbing your day job.

This will be done as a JV where both sides have their own commitments to this project. You have to do certain things and we also have to do certain things to ensure the success of this project. That is why we are willing to offer our JV partners a generous profit sharing of between 30% to 50% of the monthly income generated by each site.

This is strictly a JV on a per project basis. There is no need to set up a separate company for this JV. We prefer not to make it too complicated.

"Why not just get somebody to write on your behalf? And pay them a monthly salary?"

We can do that but it beats the purpose of the project in the first place.

It is a fact of life - employees will never give the same level of commitment compared to a JV partner. A JV partner has more at stake. He or she will do more to make sure that this project will be a success. We want THAT kind of commitment.

We don't want employees who will come up with all kinds of excuses whenever something is not right. We want JV partners who take responsibility to make things right whenever something is not right. This responsibility and accountability is what makes a JV partner different from an employee.

"Do I need to come up with new materials everytime?"

If you could then that will be better. But surprisingly you do not have to come up with new or original materials all the time.

You can always curate from other sources and combine them using your own writing style.

We even have a JV partner who took an old book and used the contents in it as materials for his membership site. Of course he did not copy 100% from the original text. He made some changes here and there to make the materials more interesting. He needed to do that as the original book was quite old and some parts were written using old English. Not a problem. Just don't copy 100%. Change a bit here and there. Add your own twist to it.

"Do we need to write on serious topics only?"

You don't have to write academic level materials. Just write in an easy-going manner which people can easily understand. This is a lot better as we will be targetting people with normal levels of education.

We are not too worried about the marketing side as there are many social media sites and portals which we can go into and do our marketing work. We just need a catchy topic which many people can relate to. Your easy-going style of writing will greatly help us in our marketing activities.

Better still if the topic is something which involves a skill or a hobby.

As an example, a membership site based on kites. There are many types of kites from all over the world.

You can write articles on them. You can share plans on how to make them. You can help look for suppliers for the various materials used in kite making, etc. You can also promote kite festivals from all over the world. Kites are not just for children. There are thousands of adult kite fans from all over the world.

"What topics do you want?"

The topics are wide ranging - hobbies, gardening, cooking, Islamic fashion, parenting, cars, etc. Right now we are open to suggestions from our JV partners.

Sometimes we tend to pick topics that are quite "grand" or complicated. Actually for membership sites you need a very simple topic and expand it from there.

The keyword here is "expandable". As long as the topic is expandable then we already have a winner there. With a bit of creativity and luck we might even be able to stretch the contents for many, many years while engaging our members on different platforms.

You might think nobody will ever subcribe to such a topic. But with good marketing and quality content we are quite confident of getting an audience for it. You will be very surprised and amazed at how far and how well it can go.

Please, do not limit yourselves to the market in the country you are in now or its surroundings. You need to think at a global level as you will have members from all over the world, even from day one itself. Such is the power of the Internet. Yes, a proper and well planned membership site with universal content can easily qualify as a global business.

"What kind of membership price range are you looking at?"

From our experience we prefer the monthly subscription fee to be low, if possible below USD 10 per month. People tend to stay as members longer when it is cheap but they know they can still get quality content from you at that price.

We make money from the volume. When it comes to membership sites it is always a volume game. Even at USD 6.99 a month when you have 5000 members the combined monthly income for that particular membership site can be quite substantial. The beauty of it is whether you have 100 members or 10,000 members you still have to come up with the same amount of content.

"I don't think the topic I want to write about would attract any interest from people from other countries."

You will definitely be surprised.

Do you think only people from England grow roses? People from all over the world grow roses though they might be from different varieties.

Do you think only people from Brazil play football? People from all over the world play football.

If you think nobody is interested in your topic then you are wrong.

In most cases there are people from all over the world who share with us the same hobbies, interests, passions, etc.

Finding where they are is no longer a big mystery. There is a saying "birds of a feather flock together". The Internet, when used properly, can easily help us find them.

But you don't have to worry about this. Let us do the worrying for you. After all we are responsible for the marketing of the site. We will find ways to market the site. You just make sure you come up with awesome and engaging contents as that will surely help us a lot.

"But why charge the "JV Commitment Fee"?"

The "JV Commitment Fee" is our way of differentiating the "do-ers" from the "talkers". It is not much actually. It does not even cover the initial setup costs of building and launching a membership site. We still have to use our OWN MONEY first to top up the difference. It is there just to show us that you are serious and committed about joining the project. We don't want to spend a few thousand dollars on a site and suddenly you decide to pull out at the last minute.

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