Project GIG

We appreciate your time.

So we will just go straight to the point.

We are looking for great content writers.

You write awesome contents.

We will do everything else, including global marketing.

We will help you generate recurring monthly incomes through professionally managed membership sites.

We will do a JV with you.

Both sides make money


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Are you a good writer? Do you have a flair for writing awesome and engaging contents?

Can you do a bit of research work to come up with relevant contents on a weekly basis?

Do you want to make money consistently on a monthly basis by utilizing your writing skills?

If you have ALL the qualities above then we might just have something worthwhile and lucrative for you.

Read on.

Many good writers have excellent writing skills but they simply do not know how to monetize their writing skills properly.

Project GIG (Global Income Generation) is a special project set up by us specifically for writers. Writers who believe that they can work with the same conviction and flair no matter where they are in the world - at home or at any other location.

Project GIG focuses on developing paid membership sites under various topics through JVs (Joint Ventures) between us and writers/content providers from all over the world who are interested in generating stable, recurring monthly incomes for themselves through membership sites.

These writers and content providers will become our active JV partners and share a certain percentage of the monthly income generated from the membership sites which they are involved in.

Within the next 5 years we expect to become a well respected digital media publisher with a focus on developing a range of membership sites under various topics with our JV partners.

We are always open to suggestions by potential business partners.

How It's Done

Some people say membership sites are just too complex to handle. But the rewards are worth it. Thousands of people all over the world are quietly making money month after month from their membership sites. It is not an impossible dream.

Like everything else you need knowledge to make it work. Some learn everything from scratch. Others focus on their writing skills and do JVs with others to help them with things which they are not familiar with such as technical and marketing issues. Where there is a will there is a way.

To ensure these sites work properly we need to make sure all of its components work together efficiently. There are so many issues to work on - content creation, setting up issues, technical and maintenance issues, money collection and distribution issues, marketing issues, etc.

For normal people some of these issues are just too big for them to handle so they let this lucrative opportunity slowly slide away from them. But then again, we are not normal people. We just love challenges.

But what if there is someone who can handle all these issues so that you can only concentrate on what you do best - producing awesome contents for these sites?

Let us alleviate your worries by doing all the work below for you.

We will cover the setting up, daily operations, technical support and maintenance, payment collection and distribution, AND the marketing of these membership sites.

We are so serious about this project that we have taken the bold step of doing the marketing of these membership sites ourselves. Not many people are willing to do that. Marketing is often the toughest part of a business.

However based on the experience gained from developing and growing our own digital media publishing business at since 2012 and after doing some elaborate work on membership sites owned by a number of our business associates in the US, we believe we have the expertise and the resources to handle the marketing of these membership sites.

With the work above already covered by us, we are confident enough to say that nearly 70% of the work needed to set up and run a membership site successfully is already completed.

What about the other 30%?

This is where our writer/content provider will come in.

The writer/content provider will provide the contents for the website through articles, write-ups and other relevant materials. A forum will also be included later to increase engagement among members and the writer/content provider will also be expected to contribute in that particular forum as the resident expert.

The Real Truth About Membership Sites

Starting a membership site is hard work. But with the right guidance it is much easier than you realise.

In fact, it is nothing more than a step by step process that you have to follow!

For some people hard work is something they will try to avoid as much as possible. But for others hard work is a challenge that keeps them sharp and always on their toes.

Nothing comes easy in life. That is a fact.

Hard work often brings great rewards. It is often said that you build up your character through hard work and perseverance. If you believe in working hard and working smart at the same time then we would like to hear from you.

We believe with membership sites you have a level playing field where if run and managed professionally your membership sites can make you serious amounts of money for many, many years to come. We are looking at a long-term business.

Let us help you by using our experience and expertise to take care of the parts where you are not good at and instead let you concentrate on the creative side where we know you are very good at.

Please share this with your writer friends who are interested in writing content for our membership sites. They will be able to generate a stable monthly income in USD from the comfort of their own homes. This is not a job opening. We are looking for JV partners which will receive between 30% to 50% of the monthly income generated by the membership site for their contribution in this project.

You may not need the extra income but some of your writer friends might. Please extend this invitation to them. Just ask them to visit this website ( to know more about this homebased income generating project.

Below are examples of membership sites which are currently generating a monthly income in USD -


Pencil Kings

Freelance Writers Den

I Like Knitting

Stay at home and make money from home.

For many it is just wishful thinking, a dream.

Yet for others it is something that is achievable, if you want it bad enough.

We humans have the strength and the ability to achieve whatever we have set our mind to do.

If you want it bad enough you will look for ways to get it.

The Internet is often called the new frontier these days. It is an exciting frontier for those who are brave enough to learn more from it. It is also often associated with the ability to generate an income from anywhere, anytime by anybody. To a certain extent it is true. The Internet is here to stay. You really can make money on the Internet, even from something as "old school" as writing.

You can do this from the comfort of your sofa in your living room at home or from a Starbucks joint somewhere out there. You don't actually need an office in a building somewhere. Location is immaterial. All you need is your laptop and Internet access.

And you can do it at your own time and pace. You are not tied to a 9-to-5 routine. If you like to start work at 4 AM like me, then by all means start at 4 AM. You determine when and for how long you want to work.

The problem with many Internet businesses nowadays is the "feast and famine" cycle which is the result of selling “one and done” products or services. Very few products or services can actually generate repeat sales.

You might sell products worth thousands of dollars this month but if you don't do proper marketing your sales might trickle down to just a few units next month. You must be constantly selling to new customers to make up the numbers monthly.

So, what can you do?

Simple, what you need is recurring revenue.
It’s the holy grail for many business owners.

Anyone who has felt the sting of instability that comes from selling “one and done” products or services will appreciate the enormous value of having a stable, steady baseline of income, month after month.

When it comes to online business models, one of the best ways to establish a recurring revenue stream is by creating a paid membership website.

A membership site is a long term project. To keep the momentum going for quite a long time you must have passion.

But you don't need to come up with new materials all the time. This is a common mistake that many people make. They think for a membership site you must come up with new and original materials all the time. That is not true.

If you can write new and original materials all the time then that would be great. But very few people can actually do that.

Most of us who write for membership sites are usually voracious readers as well. We read a lot so we usually come across many ideas, concepts and contents written by other people.

The ideas which we do write down are actually a combination of all that we have read earlier. We combine them together using our own writing style, adding our own twist to them as and when needed. Some people called this "curation".

Let's say you have a passion for Italian cooking but you don't have enough materials to write about, so what can you do? Simple actually.

Just go to a public library and borrow a few good books on Italian cooking with lots of contents. Use them as your reference.

Don't copy the contents 100% however. We don't encourage you to do that. Instead curate the contents as mentioned above.

If you do it right the contents from those books combined with other sources can provide you with the basic materials for your membership site for months or even years.

When you use your own writing style (everybody has a different style, that's a fact) and add your own twist to it, the result will be different from the original copies. Walla, now you have your own material!

It is a lot easier to write about the things we love doing.

That is why hobbies make such great topics. People have great passion for their hobbies. Some can talk for hours about the history of stamps in South East Asia in the last 100 years. Others can talk for hours about Ferrari and its various sportscar models produced since the 1960s.

I know someone who is crazy about motoring holidays in Europe. He once went on one where they gave him a Ferrari to drive all over Europe for two weeks, stopping at quaint little towns in Italy, France, Germany, etc. It cost him a bomb but he simply loved it. Just don't let him start talking about driving across Europe. He could talk for hours on that subject. Now THAT is passion.

First Things First: What is a Membership Website?

In the simplest terms, a membership website describes a business where people pay to access some form of premium protected content, features, or community. For continued access members will typically pay an ongoing subscription, providing the business with recurring revenue.

If you have been doing Internet Marketing (IM) for a while you must have come across the topic of "membership sites" quite a number of times all over the Internet.

Some people talked about it in hushed tones but in the world of Internet businesses it is perhaps the most coveted type of business with its ability to produce stable, recurring income which is sorely lacking in other Internet businesses.

It is an open secret - many Internet gurus have membership sites in various forms as their major sources of income. For so many years so many gurus have tapped at this source of income yet very little is known about it.

It is a fact the monthly income generated from a membership site is as close as having a regular monthly salary from a steady job.

But with the added advantage of being able to set how much you want to make monthly.

If done properly you can definitely earn many times more from a professionally managed membership site.

Membership sites are a very, very good revenue model. You can earn a lot of money from them. And what's best of all is that it could be a recurring income.

It is not a one-time payment only like what you get when you sell a normal product. In a typical product sales process a buyer will come to your site, buy the product and you will never see him or her again. Repeat buyings are quite rare.

A recurring income is pretty much the Internet marketer's equivalent of having a full-time job. It gives you what we can call job security.

If you think about it, if you have a membership site and you've got 1000 members paying you $8 each per month, that's $8,000 total a month. That should cover, say, your bills, your mortgage, your taxes, et cetera, et cetera, and gives you a degree of freedom that you wouldn't have had otherwise.

You want more? Then just start another membership site on a different topic. Just rinse and repeat the same process every time. You can have as many membership sites as you like.

You don't need to limit yourself to just one membership site. You can have as many as you can handle. Outsource the content. You should be able to afford it by that time. Watch them grow and prosper.

At the same time you can also tap another potential source of income from your members. In a membership site, members will have to come to the site every month, or every week or whatever, to "collect" their product.

And because they're coming to your site, you can display login offers and one-time offers and so on to them, which means you can now increase your revenue further. So, a membership site becomes very, very lucrative because you can earn from the memberships and from mailing your members other offers as well.

This is actually a very good business model as you will be earning from them in multiple ways.

How many other businesses out there do you know where you could do that?

And all this from the comfort of your home.

Interested to join us? Just click on the button below.


Shahrul Nizam Supian
Father of 7 wonderful kids,
humanitarian, a good friend,
businessman, entrepreneur,
investor, philanthropist
- all in that order.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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